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My greatest passion is helping you to step confidently into your leadership power

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John Maxwell  says “ everything rises and falls on Leadership”. In my over 30 years as a transformational leader in business and higher education, I have found that to be the secret to my success. Focus on being an intentional leader and focus on making leaders of the people you lead. My mantra is “be authentic” because only you can do you. My objective is to leave everyone and everything that I touch a little better. In my practice of leadership I have found that like any PROFESSION you have to practice, study, upgrade your skills and be intentional about walking your talk.  I can help you to do that.

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I believe in authenticity in leadership and that developing your leadership must be intentional and deliberate. The leadership journey is exactly that - a TRIP. If you are like me, you are less interested in “one size fits all” vacations and tours when  you travel for fun.  When you travel with me on your leadership journey it is customized for you and for your organization. Together we will work on finding your perfect coaching and training fit. Let’s talk!


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The Longsworth Ladder:  7 steps to improving your Public Speaking in 7 days


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The Blog page gives me an opportunity to share my thoughts with you and more importantly to hear back from you on your views on the topic. I see life as being enriched by conversation and respectful discussion as we all find our own leadership path.

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